Holographic and printed film / Cardboard lamination

We supply a complete range of metallized products for lamination onto a variety of media, such as cardboard, for use in the luxury goods industry.

Metallized matt or glossy OPP, PET or PE films can be provided as required.

Films can be printed or coloured in the mass to provide different colours, such as gold.

These films generally vary in thickness between 8µm and 23µm, with 12µm being the thickness most widely available on the market at present.

Since the product's main function is aesthetic, these films are generally metallized on one side only, to standard optical density.


The following is a non-exhaustive list of films that are often metallized and can be used for laminating cardboard:

Silver PET:

The most commonly used types of film are as follows:

* Acrylic coated PET

* Copolyester PET

* Corona PET


Silver OPP:

* OPP metallized on treated side

* OPP metallized presenting a free treated side

* Embossed OPP

(to give a "brushed aluminium" appearance, for example)


Matt PET:

* Matt PET with acrylic-coated side

* Untreated matt PET


Gold film

* Corona-treated PET printed in the mass

* Printed metallized OPP