Metallisation Lives here ®

Who we are

MET-LUX S.A. has specialised in the vacuum metallization of a variety of flexible materials since 1996.
Our key objective is to develop the use of this technology in new, specialised applications as well as for more traditional purposes.

Our company policy is to provide complete customer satisfaction in terms of service, competitiveness, quality and delivery time.
We have five metallizers at our production facility, plus additional equipment such as plasma treatment and visual inspection systems which provide a guarantee of quality for our customers, particularly for specialised applications.

Our current production capacity is 20,000 tons per year.

We have a laboratory equipped with high-tech instruments, such as Oxtran to measure the transmission of oxygen, and Permatran to measure water vapour transmission.
Our 4000 m² storage facility ensures that we can reward the customers with whom we have developed strong, long-term partnerships with an outstanding level of responsiveness in terms of delivery lead times.

The company's commitment to high quality and continuous improvement is attested to by our ISO9001 certification.

We are also certified to BRC/IoP and AIB (American Institute of Baking) standards, providing our customers with a guarantee of compliance with the highest food-grade and hygiene standards.