Our Technology and Expertise


PVD technology can be used to metallize R2R-produced flexible materials with a low VOC (volatile organic compound) concentration.

The following diagram shows the standard metallization process :

Metallized materials used in the packaging industry are constantly evolving.

MET-LUX S.A. maintains a particular focus on customer requirements and the environmental impact of its activity, downgauging films and paying close attention to the types of polymers used.
The demand for materials with barrier properties and the levels of these barriers are constantly increasing.
Our product range includes high-barrier films made from a wide variety of plastics.

Barrier properties :

Optical density value (OD) is equal to the inverse of the base 10 logarithm of the percentage of light transmitted (T) through the metallized film. The higher the optical density value, the thicker the metal layer.
OD = - log T

By way of example, this table lists a number of types of metallized film and their standard oxygen and water vapour barrier levels.


Film family


WVTR (g/m2.d)

O2tr (cc/m2.d)



< 1

< 1



< 0,8

< 150



< 2,5

< 10

PE Met


< 2

< 250



Optical density level is rated as follows :


Optical density


< 0,5

Ultra low optical density

0,5 - 1,0

Very low optical density

1,0 - 1,5

Low optical density

1,5 - 1,8

Standard optical density (1)

1,8 - 2,1

Standard optical density (1)

2,1 - 2,4

Standard optical density (1)

2,4 - 2,7

High optical density

2,7 - 3,0

Very high optical density

> 3,0

Ultra high optical density

(1). At standard optical density, the degree of metallization is adjusted to suit the requirements of the end application.

Market and applications

MET-LUX S.A. is active in a variety of business sectors.

The company's vacuum metallization process is an essential complement to customers' own operations, meeting their expectations by tailoring products to specific requirements.