Food & Beverage – MET-LUX S.A.

Food packaging has been the first use of metallized films. Still now it is the industry with the higher consumption volumes. Our expertise and knowledge bring us to still consider it our core business sector.
And with the several needs for food preservation we are familiar with the wide variety of films suitable to the purpose.

  • Metallized films suitable for lamination or to be used as single layer film
  • Customized optical density level from the lowest (e.g.: microwave packaging) to the highest (e.g.: bag-in-box packaging)
  • Glossy, matt finished, gold or colored (in mass or printed) metallized film
  • Metallized film suitable for overwrap applications
  • Metallized film suitable for labelling and in-mould labelling (IML)
  • High barrier films
  • Standard films, e.g.: PET, OPA, PE, OPP (either cast, mono-oriented – MDO -, or bi-oriented)
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable solutions: compostable films and recyclable mono material films